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“You are what you eat”—that’s our belief.

A few years ago, it wasn’t easy to pursue a healthy diet. Online shopping wasn’t as popular and convenient as it is now - choosing food involved spending too much time comparing and scrutinizing ingredients between products, verifying reliable food sources and certifications, and much more. It was time-consuming to find quality standards food that met your need at a reasonable price and is a burden for housewives or career women.

Does it have to be so difficult to pursue a healthy diet?

This question inspired us to start a specialty store. After all, we have accumulated ample knowledge in selecting various grains, dried fruits, and jams over the past few years. Starting a business means allows us to tap these valuable insights for the benefits of ourselves and others, providing a safe avenue to purchase grains, dried fruits, jams, and snacks!

Hence the birth of “Fresh Bulk”!

We have a large selection you can choose from: a variety of grains (raw, roasted, original, or seasoned flavors), healthy snacks, biscuits, dried fruits, and jams! Fresh Bulk features various packaging size options, where you can determine how much you want to purchase. This means you can easily manage your home supply, always having the best quality food and the ability to purchase all the food and grains that you need at once according to your consumption.

Meeting popular demand, Fresh Bulk produces a range of unique “Oatmeal Sets” that include dried fruits, hard nuts, etc. all in one packet. To enjoy, all you need to do is add water, milk, or yogurt! It is especially suitable for busy modern women who like to enjoy delicious and nutritious food anytime. We highly recommend Fresh Bulk Almond Berries Granola, our most popular set!

Eating snacks can be healthy, too!

We often receive orders of walnuts, almonds, assorted nuts, and dried fruits from our customers who love baking. Tea-time snacks that many housewives and white-collar workers enjoy, such as crispy seaweed, pineapple cookies, dried guava, roasted mixed nuts, are also available--they fit tastebuds preferences of all ages and genders. Fresh Bulk allows you to stay healthy even when snacking!

We hope that, as a convenient and well-managed platform, Fresh Bulk will help more people explore and fall in love with grains, healthy snacks, dried fruits, and jams that are of high nutritional value, such as dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and more. You will soon discover that you are healthier, more energetic, with improved skin, built, looks, and mood, just because you eat right and eat well.

Shop with confidence at Fresh Bulk! We provide top-quality and safe options for worry-free shopping.

If you have any doubts /suggestions/ comments about us, please do drop us an email at [email protected] We will get back to you as soon as possible.