Purify 360 Deep Sleep Roller

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Product Information

Ships FromWilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

BrandPurify 360

Option 1 Deep Sleep Roller

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Product Description

1. Product benefits
- Hypnosis, improve insomnia
- Improve sleep quality
- Calm complex thoughts and stabilize mood
- Enhance concentration
- Relieve tension and stress
- Strengthen the immune system
- Good for respiratory system and thyroid function

2. Product ingredients
Argan oil - contains a variety of vitamins and antioxidants, which can repair the skin's natural barrier function and is very beneficial to the skin. External use of this essential oil helps promote cell production, making your skin healthier and more hydrated
Jojoba oil - Jojoba oil has similar properties to skin oils, has a very strong penetration force, can be easily almost completely absorbed by the skin, and has a good moisturizing effect. Helps "soften" and "repair" the stratum corneum of the skin. It is very suitable for people with sensitive skin and damaged stratum corneum.
Lavender oil - reduce anxiety and emotional stress, improve sleep, delay aging with powerful antioxidants, and relieve headaches
Cedarwood Oil - Improve concentration and wisdom, improve digestive system and blood circulation function.
Marjoram oil – warm and nutty, it has calming and soothing properties. In addition to relieving fatigue, it also has a good conditioning effect for people who are depressed. Antibacterial, anti-infective and anti-depressant effects.
Ylang Ylang Oil - euphoric and calming effect, helps to relieve feelings of anxiety, tension, shock, panic and fear. It is very effective for alleviating shortness of breath and rapid heartbeat.
Sweet orange oil - an essential oil with a sweet orange scent, helps to soothe the nerves and keep the body and mind happy. It can drive away tension and stress, and improve insomnia caused by anxiety.
Vetiver Grass - calms the nervous system and thoughts, helps relieve anger, abnormal excitement and irritability, and is also good for relieving stress and tension.

3. How to Use
The essential oil roller bottle can be used to massage the various points of the body, temples, inner wrists, behind the ears, neck, soles of the feet, chest and other parts.
Foot soles: Your feet have larger pores, which make it easier to absorb essential oils through your skin and release the benefits of these essential oils into your blood. This means you can experience the effects of essential oils faster. The effect of massage will be better.
Behind the ear: The skin behind the ear is thinner, and essential oils are easier to penetrate. And there is an acupuncture point behind the earlobe called Yifeng. Massaging this acupoint can dredge the lymph and help relieve headaches, inflammation and swelling of the body.
Temples: Massage can relieve headaches and head discomfort. Essential oils are easier to absorb when used here and enter the blood system.
Inside the wrist: The inside of the wrist is close to the artery. Using essential oils here can help the essential oils be absorbed into the blood system more quickly.

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